Colin Kemp, Photographer, Essex

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at my photographs.  

A photographic mission:  

I hope to create a pause in your busy daily life: one that encourages you to take a moment, to reflect, to look deeper into the beauty of our cities and the natural world.   If my photographs inspire a moment's reflection, a smile, a 'gosh, I love that' moment - then my job is, to some extent, done.  I feel privileged when a client allows me to share a little of their wall space in their home or office.  

Why do I take pictures? Because I hope that one or more may grace your walls and bring a little additional beauty and peace to your daily life.

Photographs inspited by:

My photographic inspiration comes from nature, from classical art and from the masters of photography. But most of all, it’s about the light and the challenge of how to capture it.  My long suffering and patient wife is now accustomed to cries of ‘Wow, look at that gorgeous light!’ usually followed by her needing to sit and read while I get carried away with the camera. Urban and natural landscapes, and especially the structures within them, are a core part of my work, with a strong emphasis on ‘painting with light’. Sometimes, I seek to leave the question 'photograph or painting?' unanswered in the viewer’s mind.  Check out my Painting with Light gallery to see what I mean.  When opportunity presents, I also enjoy seeking ‘the decisive moment’ in street photography, or in air displays and motor racing events. I am chuffed to have my pictures displayed in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and in Europe.

Most of the photographs here are available in a range of sizes, but if you need a particular size not offered, please do get in touch.  I'd be very happy to discuss your requirements with you, and assess whether the picture will work at the size you need.

ColinKemp.Photography is a trading style of Sonning Creatives Ltd, Company Number 05771759, 4 Sonning Way, Shoeburyness, SS3 8YQ.   Payments for photographs and prints are made to Sonning Creatives Account.

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